About Us

Elite Pension has grown over the last decade based on a few powerful concepts.

Control is one of these key concepts. If you want to be in control, maybe there is an Elite Pension waiting for you. Don’t misunderstand this concept. There are many individuals who say “they want control”, but these individuals are hardly interested in taking the responsibility for their future.

These individuals would much rather have some fiduciary making the decisions for their retirement fund.  If they have no retirement to fall back on, they’ll at least have someone to blame.

Our first question to you is “Do you want someone to blame, or do you want a big fat retirement to fall back on?

If you want a big fat retirement, you’ll have to do everything differently than the masses, or you’ll retire as broke as they are. Face it, No fiduciary is ever going to look out for your interests like you can.

But here is the real question: Are you willing to look after your retirement interests?

First, let’s look at why the retirement fund fiduciary offers their service.

They either;

  1. Sell investment products they represent through a brokerage. They make a commission fee on these products.


B.    They allow you to make decisions on what your retirement fund invests in. But they charge fees for their involvement in the process.

We believe if an individual doesn’t want to be in control…these are two great options either way. Unfortunately for many, they are the only options they will ever know about.

Is there a third option? No.

Not unless you are willing to be in control, fire your fiduciary and take responsibility for your retirement fund.

Is it easy? No, but it’s also not hard.

Elite Pension can show you how. We recommend learning more about the simple rules you must follow to take control, and then learning about investment options, which might help you grow an Elite Pension.

Warning***Elite Pension does not give investment advice.

Elite Pension does provide a checkbook control IRA structure. Elite Pension does provide an educational platform, which can put you on the fast track to a whole new world of options.

Options are not limited to just stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Options like real estate, promissory notes, tax liens, tax deeds, private businesses, foreign currency, precious metals, and more. Plus asset protection and all of the tax advantages that come with government-sponsored retirement plans.

If you would like to learn more, Please inquire about attending an online Elite Pension workshop to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you.